Three's Company!

IMG_8042 2.JPG

We're extremely proud to present the opening of our third store located at 30 Battery Street. Our adorable little outpost is nestled on Battery St between Pine and Bush, just north of Market, in San Francisco's Financial District.

Pop in to customize your own poke bowl, or if you don't have time to wait, pick up one of the pre-made bowls from our grab 'n go fridge.  (Pro-tip: we also keep our Poke Bombs in there.) 

If you see a line outside, it is because we can only fit a handful of people in the store at a time. It only takes us about a minute to serve each guest. Simply count the number of people ahead of you to determine how long your wait will be. We'll try to get you in and out as fast as we can! (As you can imagine, there's no seating at this location.)

We've already met a few island locals (Hi Patrick! Hi Carrie!) in the neighborhood. And it makes us smile every time we see them come in. I guess we're all vibing on the same thing: sashimi grade fish and authentic poke recipes. A quick and healthy lunch in the FiDi looks a whole lot different now. :)

Finally, a huge shout out to our entire Coast Crew. Your smiles are infectious and your attention to quality is amazing. We couldn't do it without you all.. 

Congratulations to the whole team on the opening of our third store! More exciting things lie ahead in 2017!