Hey bae. It's Bay Shrimp season!

Nothing excites us more than when a new local catch comes into season. Summer through mid-fall is Bay Shrimp season around these parts. 

We had a chance to sample this wild catch coming in and hot diggity, it is special. Both sweet and briny, this year's Bay Shrimp has us busy dreaming up new recipes. 

We kick off this week with Mango Bay Shrimp. This poke is gluten free and combines mango, avocado, lemon cucumber with the delicate little morsel.

It'll be available in our San Francisco locations starting this week and in our San Jose location in very short order! This will replace the Ginger Macadamia Nut Tombo for now, but don't worry we'll bring that back in due time. It has a cult following of its own. 

This is not one to miss!