Carefully Cubed. Respectfully Adventurous.

We are committed to serving you the cleanest, responsibly sourced seafood possible.

Our seafood is:
~ free of carbon monoxide (a very common color preservative found in frozen fish)
~ delivered to our stores daily and cubed by hand every morning
~ prepared and marinated with traditional Hawaiian recipes



San Pedro Square Market
 87 N. San Pedro St
San Jose, CA 95110

Su-Th 11 am–8 pm
F-Sa 11 am–9 pm


San Francisco
One Market Plaza (PL-25)

San Francisco, CA 94105
M-F 11 am - 3 pm


San Francisco
30 Battery Street (near Market St.)
San Francisco, CA 94105
M-F 10:30 am - 3 pm


Carefully cubed. Respectfully adventurous.


Some call it a trend, we call it comfort food. Whether this is your first time trying poke or your hundredth time, we think you’ll love this healthy meal just as much as we do. Here’s why:

  • We only use responsibly sourced sashimi grade fish and are committed to serving the cleanest seafood.
  • Our fish is free of carbon monoxide. A commonly used color preservative found in previously frozen fish.
  • Kelly Zubal, our Poke Master and 2X Sam Choy Poke Contest Champion keeps it real with authentic Hawaiian  recipes, and also creates locally inspired pokes which are sure to excite fish and poke lovers.
  • We honor traditional Hawaiian recipes using imported ingredients from the islands. 

Working with raw fish requires a delicate and nuanced approach. Breaking down a fish and cubing it is a craft we strive to perfect. Blending the right textures and flavors for each fish is something our kitchen takes seriously. In short, we’re proud to present poke the way you’d find it in Hawaii; made fresh daily, with authentic ingredients that accent the flavor of the fish, not mask it.

With the support of our families and friends, we proudly present COAST. We look forward to sharing our love of poke with you soon.